Mandi is booking clients for the 2017 summer! If you are expected to give birth from late June to August, please contact her today!


Mandi focuses on the positive, letting you know how incredible this journey is. Birthing without fear is her goal for you.

Meet Mandi

​With DONA training, Hypnobabies certification and over 8 years of birthing and baby experience, Mandi pours her love and passion into what she does.

She provides a relaxed, positive, trusting, supportive presence to your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. 

"Let's work together, to plan for the most amazing time of your life, with confidence, empowerment, excitement, knowledge, a sense of calm, and a positive attitude." - Mandi

Supporting the Miramichi and surrounding areas

Exceptional family support for belly, birth, and baby​

Trained and experienced

With years of experience, DONA training and Hypnobabies certification, a completed Newborn Care Training, and having 2 girls, Mandi puts everything she has into her love of supporting families.


Being calm and relaxed is the focus of your birth support. Mandi uses the most gentle and relaxing tone to help you enjoy your birthing time.

Baby Love

Passion for birth and babies

Birth is the most amazing experience there is. The body is incredible. Let's focus on letting it do what it needs to, to have your beautiful child.