The Afterglow: A Postpartum Support Group

                                 Coping with Motherhood, together 



In this series, mothers and babies will gather to share their experiences and support one another in being a new parent.

During this group, participants will:

Learn about the ‘baby blues’, postpartum depression, anxiety and the emotional changes that can occur after childbirth.

Practice self-care, relaxation techniques, which are clinically proven to reduce stress and increase mom’s wellbeing.

Discuss the highs and lows of motherhood in a supportive space.

Connect with other new parents, and enjoy a much needed night out of the house.

                                                 Weekly topics:

  • Birth of a mother
  • Postpartum mood, wellness, PPD
  • Caring for yourself
  • Realistic mothering
  • From partners to parents
  • Wrap up party!

​ Registration fee: $40 for the 6 week session. This includes snacks.