Skype with Mandi from anywhere!

Skype and Private information sessions!

Ready to take a prenatal, childbirth or newborn prep class, but can't seem to find the time or place to take them? Why not take some classes with Mandi, from the comfort of your own home, and in her virtual office!

Preparing for your birthing time should be fun and exciting. The goal of these classes is to help you get ready for your upcoming journey with POSITIVE classes, filled with the latest information in a very informal manner. We will look at a variety of information, focusing on positive natural ways to give birth, and have the least amount of intervention. But, also touching on all the information on the medical side, to help better prepare you for unknown circumstances. I want you to leave our session with less fear, more excitement, more knowledge and a sense of calm towards your birth. My main word is POSITIVE :)

We can do any of the following classes, or a combination of a few!
Prenatal classes
Newborn prep
Childbirth prep