From Heather:
Mandi was an incredible support. She intuitively knew what it was that I needed. She knew when to give me space, when I needed her and I couldn't have asked for more. She is so kind and genuinely cares deeply for everyone involved. Her knowledge and 'bag of tricks' were incredible to have. My birth was amazing and I can never thank her enough for everything. I can still hear her calm voice guiding me. My family and I are so very lucky to have such an incredible friend and honorary family member. Thank you Mandi, from the bottom of my heart.

From Amanda:
I strongly suggest for any of you mothers to be out there to look into getting Mandi as your doula, she was there for me every step of the way , it will benefit you in every way possible. When I went into labour Monday afternoon and I had called her to tell her she was over to the hospital as soon as she could.once my labour progressed and I got into active labour she was there to hold my hand and help me through breathing and contractions and pushing , she helped keep me calm and focused , I was in labour for 7 and a half hours and thanks to her I went through the entire thing without any medication. It is all in your head, and she made me believe I could do it and I did.I am so lucky to have had Mandi present on the day my beautiful baby boy was born, she helped make it a day to remember for the rest of my life   ! Couldn't have done it with out her, thanks Mandi

From Jolene:
hey everyone, I would highly recommend baby love doula services to anyone , please recommend your friends and pass the word along to what an essential service Mandi provides. there will be a time where everyone will be informed on what a doula is and how important these services are and so why do without?. on a light note its like a washing machine, yes years ago some women hand washed their clothes but when they were given the access to a washing machine, a service that is now essential to modern life, we can not live with out it. Mandi is awesome she provides so much needed support during such a magical and vunerable time of a mothers life ~

From Sarah:
When Mandi heard that I was in labour she rushed form Miramichi right away to be with me in Moncton. It was so nice to have her by my side every step of the way throughout the entire experience. She had lots of advice and techniques for me to use but it was unfortunate that we did not get to use the techniques as I went through my labour stages much to fast. She was right by my side the whole time holding my hand and helping me through the pushing stage. I don't know what I would have done without her there. She was amazing and the joy in her face and tears in her eyes when Lennon arrived made me realize how much being a doula means to her. Thank you Mandi for everything I can't wait for you to be with me when number 2 comes.

From Kayla:
I had mandi as my doula and it was the best decision I ever made! She kept me calm and collected! We walked till 8 cm:) I went in labor at 1130pm so everyone was tired especially since we would be up all night ! My husband was falling asleep on me but Mandi was right beside me holding my hands, massaging my back during my back labor! Helping me in the shower and on my exercise ball! I would have not had a great experience if it wasn't for Mandi! She made me wanna do it all over again! I had labor just how I imagined it!

From Candace:

Last summer I found myself about to embark on something rather scary. At 21, and already a single mother to a handsome 18 month old, I was about to become a mother for the second time in as many years. Luckily, I had great family support once the shock wore off, but the fact of entering that labor & delivery room alone scared the life out of me! My mother told me, that as much as she loved me, she didn't think she would be able to go through that with me. My father, even if he wanted to, is a trucker and works terrible hours all over the Maritimes. I knew I would probably kill my sister if she came near me during labor, and at that, I ran out of options. Then, I met Mandi. This amazing, helpful woman, who not only became my Doula, but also a very dear friend. She completely eased my mind on going through this alone (having been a single mother herself, she always is available to listen and offer advice). Luckily my mom did end up witnessing the birth of her second grandson, and I'm very thankful that she did! But having Mandi there, keeping me calm, rubbing my legs (God love her) and feeding me ice chips was a lifesaver!! I don't know how I went through my first birth without her! Even for weeks afterwards, if I had an issue or a question, she was always available to ease my mind. There isn't even a shimmer of a doubt in my mind that if and when baby #3 comes along, that Mandi will definitely be among those welcoming him or her into this world. I am very, very thankful that Mandi came into my life at the time she did, I believe everything happens for a reason, and I am very lucky to call her a friend! I would, and do, recommend Mandi's services to every pregnant friend I know. Having a Doula to help you through one of the scariest but most amazing events in your life is something that everyone should experience.